Adam Ibrahim
Windsor West

Personal Support Workers
December 21, 2013

How important are Personal Support Workers (PSWs) in healthcare? When there are six millions more hours of service or 12 percent increase in demand for home care in the past five years delivered by PSWs, you know the answer.  They are the frontline workers in supporting the healthcare Ontarians need everyday.

Last week, 4,500 support workers working for Red Cross/Care Partners went on strike across Ontario. I am very concerned that Ontarians who rely upon the important services provided by Personal Support Workers will be placed in situations potentially harmful to their health and well-being and it is important that a settlement be reached as soon as possible.

Personal Support Workers perform a vital service in our healthcare system, often under difficult circumstances and deserve to be paid a fair wage.  If the Liberal government had not wasted billions of dollars on cancelled gas plants, the Ornge fiasco and the scandalous waste at OPG, they would be able to invest in the this vital home care service that so many Ontarians rely upon. 

Government should make sure our tax dollars to be spend on the hard-working frontline workers and our patients, not the bureaucrats in the system.

Ontario is at risk under this Liberal government with NDP support.  In just a few years, we lost more than 300,000 good manufacturing jobs, nearly one million people are without a job to go to everyday, we are facing a 42% increase on our hydro rate over next 5 years, and the list goes on and on.  And now, the Liberals announced that they want to hike prices at the pumps by 10 cents more per litre. Life has become much less affordable for hard-working families.

For a better Ontario, what we should be looking for in our next government is competent fiscal management and a plan to put Ontario on the right track of job creation; to grow our economy now and for the future.

It's time to change the team that leads Ontario.

Henry Lau

Ontario PC Candidate, Windsor-West

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