Adam Ibrahim
Windsor West

Ontario should end wasteful overspending
April 22, 2014

One billion dollars could employ 5,000 full-time local workers at $30/hr. for three years, but not enough to cover the cost of the Liberals’ gas plant scandal where it cost taxpayers $1.1 billion for five of their seats.

It cost us $1 billion on eHealth where the CEO of this government agency received $9.3 million in six years.

These are just a couple of examples of how billions of tax dollars were wasted during mismanagement under the McGuinty-Wynne Liberal government.

Our provincial debt is fast approaching $300 billion and the interest Ontario has to pay is nearly $1 billion a month. And, amid a $4.5-billion budget gap, the Liberals plan to reveal their $5.7 billion new spending in the face of a $11.3 billion deficit that will put Ontario deeper into debt.

Instead of being focused on jobs for Ontarians, the Liberals are focused on saving their own jobs by spending billions of dollars that we just don’t have.

Making things worse, the NDP has twice supported the Liberals’ budget in reckless overspending. Their unrealistic ideas will raise taxes, cost us more jobs and again spend money we don’t have.

The huge debt and deficit are not only crippling Ontario now but will also cause damages and problems to future generations of the province.

Ontario needs changes. We need to end unaffordable subsidies and make energy affordable.

We need to end wasteful overspending, lower taxes and have less debt so that we can afford the things we care about.

We need a plan for creating more jobs in private sector and growing economy — an actual plan as you would save and grow your family business. An actual plan like the million jobs plan of Ontario PC.

HENRY LAU, Ontario PC candidate, Windsor-West

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