Adam Ibrahim
Windsor West

End wasteful spending and get taxes under control
February 28, 2014

When our house is deep in water, we should get out of it as soon as possible. In life, our parents teach us to spend money conservatively within our means and within our ability.

Ontario’s fiscal house has been taking on water since the Liberals gained power — doubling our provincial debt to nearly $300 billion, more than the total debt of the rest of the provinces combined.

Many experts have been warning the Liberals for years that Ontario’s fiscal house is at risk. Similar warning bells sounded in Greece when their debt was spiralling out of control.

Yet, former Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty and now Premier Kathleen Wynne continue to spend and make our fiscal situation worse. The debt and deficit are a major and immediate threat to our province now.

The mindset of the Liberals is to spend our way out of trouble by borrowing more money, increasing taxes and fees on the backs of hardworking Ontarians. The annual interest Ontario has to pay is nearly $12 billion — the third largest government expenditure in every year.

Instead of voting against Liberal budgets of reckless spending, the NDP has twice supported the Liberals.

The Liberal-NDP coalition has driven our provincial fiscal house into much deeper water. The financial problem has become a major problem to our government to deliver the services Ontarians need daily.

In order to save us from rising debt and high unemployment, our top priority should be taking concrete steps to create more jobs, to end wasteful spending, to take taxes, fees and hydro rates under control.

Our plan will put Ontario back on the right track.

HENRY LAU, Ontario PC candidate, Windsor-West

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